How digital marketing changed the marketing era in 2022?

How digital marketing changed the marketing era in 2022?

November 18, 2022

In the last thirty years, drastic evolution in marketing and its improvisation has been observed on daily basis. As with the booming of the Internet, the digital era started when people were introduced to different search engines and social websites, which in turn made their lives a little easier. In the early times, when the offline marketing of brands was strong, firm, and ruled with a monopoly as people were unaware of different brands of the same product or service. Digital marketing for brands came in and it made a huge difference in the world of the internet. Today, more than 90% of businesses, brands, and products rely upon digital marketing to reach out to their customers.

The history of digital marketing

Digital marketing was first used in a search engine named “Archie” and it is said to be the first step taken, and then in 1993, the first clickable web-ad banner was launched. It was almost certain that the internet would explode in the next few years. In the year 93, Yahoo was launched, and the first e-commerce transaction took place over the net market. In 1997, the first social media site, “six”, was launched and in 1998, Google was launched, whereas Microsoft launched MSN and Yahoo launched its first web search.

As we entered the 21st century, the Internet burst out, and in the following 4 years, the first mobile marketing campaign, the launch of linkedin, and WordPress took place. In 2004, Google opens itself to the public with the launch of Gmail, and Facebook gets launched. Next year, YouTube gets launched successfully, and the following year, Amazon’s e-commerce sales cross a 10 billion dollar business, which proves the improvisation of digital marketing. In the next few years, mobile usage exceeded PC internet usage, and soon Facebook was acquired In 2022 Whatsapp and Instagram are the most engaged platform over the Internet.  Slowly turning them into business platforms.

Statistics around digital marketing.

Digital marketing has expanded its wings and started spreading into different pipelines of commercial businesses, and most of the businesses that were running in the offline market have suddenly turned to online marketing as it is cheap and even easy to get access to for interacting directly with the consumer.

  • It has been proven by research that 85.4% of internet users look for information of any type at least once in 30 days.
  • Every day, almost 3.5 billion searches are done on Google, and on average, 40,000 search inquiries are made each second.
  • The monopoly of Google over the worldwide search engine market is more than 92 percent, whereas it’s 2.75% for Bing and the rest for other search engines.
  • It has been calculated that more than 60% of Google searches are done on mobile devices.
  • In the following evolution, it has been discovered that more than 70% of smartphone owners use search engines while shopping.
  • Amazon and Google are the biggest search points for product searches, and they have a vast variety of products.
  • In the evolution of digital marketing, excluding SEO, social media has started to take its place in the upliftment of a business.
  • Facebook has been observed as the most used by businesses for content marketing.
  • When it comes to a brand that has opted for digital marketing, agencies mostly use blogs to improve their optimization over search engines.

Digital marketing was a bubble that burst in the last three decades and had the most commendable growth as it squeezed the entire world into your palm through mobile internet. Through this evolution, the brands were able to establish two-way communication with their customers and even maintain a trustworthy relationship and transparency with their consumers.