Non Profit / Casestudy

Success Story of a Prestigious Non-Profit Organization

Metamorphosed from a static website into A visually-rich platform that drives engagement.


Project Objectives

Transforming vision into action

Our work was to completely transform a static website into a dynamic and interactive platform that effectively tells the organization story while driving engagement.

Key goals includes
  • Increasing membership: Create a user-friendly interface, encouraging individuals of all ages to volunteer, join the organization or contribute donations.
  • Data Consolidation: The project sought to address the challenge of consolidating extensive data and information from diverse sources, ensuring all relevant content was readily accessible on the website.


Turning challenges into Triumphs

  • Content Overload: Dealing with a surplus of content that was both messy and unnecessary posed a significant challenge in terms of user engagement and website functionality.
  • Mission Complexity: The organization’s multifaceted mission, involving numerous activities throughout the week and affiliations with various organizations, made it challenging to present a coherent and clear message to visitors.
  • Technical Hurdles: Technical issues such as slow-loading sliders and the need for mobile optimization presented obstacles to providing a seamless user experience.
  • Donor Connection: The website lacked a direct means of contact for donors, hindering their ability to connect with the organization.

How DzinePixel helped?

  • Research and Blueprint: Our team conducted comprehensive research, including demographic analysis and member/volunteer interviews, to create a blueprint for the website’s structure and content organization.
  • Content Optimization: We prioritized content optimization by streamlining and reorganizing the website’s information, ensuring that it was concise, relevant, and engaging.
  • Segmentation: Content was segmented into logical categories, making navigation more intuitive for users seeking specific information.
  • User Experience Improvement: Technical issues were addressed through performance enhancements, particularly focusing on optimizing mobile responsiveness and resolving slow-loading elements.
  • Feedback Integration: A feedback mechanism was integrated to collect user input, providing valuable insights for ongoing website improvement.
  • Donor Connection: A key focus was placed on facilitating donor connection by prominently displaying contact information on the website.
Results Achieved
  • 50% Membership growth within 2 weeks
  • Improved user access
  • pages per session increased from 1.4 to 3.7
  • reduced bounce rate by 15%, mobile optimization
  • 12% increase on mobile users.

Value Delivered

The revamped website successfully transformed the online presence of the website, making it more vibrant and interactive.

Our hard work and dedication pays off well!