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Elevating Digital Presence for Healthcare Excellence for A renowned hospital in Bhubaneswar.


Project Objectives

Designing the casual website in a whole informative way. The main objective was to revamp the whole website in a more informative way.

Client Profile

It is one of the leading healthcare institutions dedicated to providing top-notch medical services to all the people located not only at Bhubaneswar, Odisha but all the other places as well.

Key goals include:
  • Redesigning of Website: Create a user-friendly interface, encouraging individuals of all ages to visit them while in need, treat themselves at their hospital and get relief.
  • Content Refinement: Optimizing the content, streamlining information to ensure it is concise, relevant, and engaging for all the users.

Major Challenges

The Challenge:

  • Enhance a strong digital presence
  • Improve user engagement on the website from less and engage more
  • Streamline user access to essential medical information

Converting Challenges into Success

How Dzinepixel Helped them?

Our Approach:
  • Transforming of Website:We did a thorough research from various other websites to check what we can add to make it a better website for user friendly use and make it more engaging. We went on a journey to transform the Hospital’s website from a plain website into a dynamic and engaging platform. Our major goal was to create an online space for the hospital that not only represented their commitment to healthcare excellence but also made it easy for users to access vital medical information that was equally helpful and informative.
  • Providing a User-Centric Design: Our main goal was to adopt a user-centric approach, conducting in-depth research to understand the needs of patients and visitors who visited the website. This was done for informing the website’s structure and managing the content.
  • Refining the contents: New content was written so that it was informative catchy and easily understood by the users, it streamlined information to ensure it was call-to-action and engaging. This not only addressed the issue of content overload but also improved user engagement.
  • Crafted a Customized Web: Used top-of-the-line web technologies and frameworks to create to a responsive and engaging user-experience.
  • Built up a Visually Stunning UI: Facilitated easy navigation and access to information, resources, funding opportunities and success stories.
  • Optimized Content with a Robust CMS Integration: Enabled real-time content updates and news publication, making managing and content updating a breeze.

Value Delivered

  • The revitalized website was very informative and effectively elevated Sum Ultimate Hospital’s online presence, creating a dynamic and interactive website for all users.
  • Our unwavering dedication to it and all the effort we made have yielded remarkable results for them.
Key Points Delivered
  • Enhanced a strong Digital Presence: The hospital’s digital presence was significantly enhanced, making it more vibrant and user-friendly.
  • Improved User Access and increased viewers: Users experienced improved access to vital medical information, with pages per session increasing from 1.4 to 4.2.
  • A lot of Reduced Bounce Rate: Through mobile optimization and enhanced user experience, we reduced the bounce rate by 30%.
  • Mobile Engagement: The website saw a 40% increase in mobile users, reflecting the success of our mobile optimization efforts and overcoming all the challenges.