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Revamped into A Dynamic and Engaging online experience for a famous private university in Odisha


Client Overview

It is one of the top private universities in Odisha with lots of students and faculties from various regions. It is one of such university that attracts students across the global.

Project Objectives

Fully align the old website into a new website, and the recent rebranding work was done to harmonize the online presence and give a happening response to viewers and students.

Key goals include:

  • Improving site: Ensure site architecture and navigation enable easy browsing and accessibility of education options within the course catalogue.
  • Transformation:Transforming the website, creating a new Placement Cell, improving the Faculty Section, distinguishing Departmental Areas, and adding an International Relations segment.
  • Something New: Introducing a Student Page for engagement tracking and established an International Complaint Committee to enhance student well-being and safety.

What were the Challenges?

  • Revamping of Website: Undertaking a complete website overhaul for a fresh and engaging digital presence.
  • Content issues on website: Addressing content challenges for website improvement as previous content were messed up and unclear.
  • No separate faculty page: Creating a dedicated faculty page for enhanced accessibility.
  • Technical issues: Resolving technical issues to ensure a seamless online experience.
  • New Pages: Introducing a “What’s Happening” page to keep visitors and students informed. Developing a comprehensive Center of Excellence (CoE) page.

Converting Challenges into Success

What Was DzinePixel’s Secret Sauce for Success?

  • Research and Crafting: We conducted a thorough research on whats lacking and what can be done to re design the website in the best and make it more attractive. We also did demographic analysis and had a talk with the information team of the university, to create a blueprint for the website’s structure and content organization.
  • Content Optimization: Our team planned everything in a synchronized manner enabling every content was well implemented into the website, proper informative content was added that was highly engaging, concise, and attractive.
  • Appearance: The website was totally revamped which gave a drastic appearance to the visitors. It contained all the necessary information like COE Page, Student Page, Placement cell, Faculty section, Various departments section was differentiated, Separate International Relations page were made.
  • UI/UX Development: We carefully curated a captivating UI/UX design that embodies the brand’s presence, providing visitors with an inviting and user-friendly experience on their first visit.
  • Picturization: High quality pictures were used to make the website, an attractive one and engage each one visiting the website.
  • Separate Contact Us Page: A separate page for contact us page was made for the students and parents to reach directly at university campus without any hurdles.

Results Achieved

  • There was an increase from 30%-90% visitors on the new website within a month
  • Better user access
  • Pages per session increased from 1.4 to 4.5
  • Reduced bounce rate by 20%, mobile optimization
  • 60% increase on mobile users.

Value Delivered

  • The well-designed website successfully transformed university’s online presence, making it more vibrant, engaging, and interactive.
  • Smooth functioning of the website making it smooth, easy, and hassle free for visitors.

We gave all our strength to make it a perfect one.