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Adding a Dash of Creativity and a Pinch of the Unexpected

Crafted a compelling brand identity for a well renowned axe throwing company: It not only engages but also drives traffic effectively


Project Objectives

  • To Design a full-fledged brand Identity.
  • Proposing a whole new name for the brand.

Client Overview

It’s a premium axe-throwing company, that delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience for thrill-seekers with a variety of axe games.

Key goals include
  • Designing a brand identity: Designing a brand name and a logo. We gave the brand a whole new and a catchy name, a fresh identity and designed a striking logo for them. This makeover positioned them as a standout player in the axe throwing industry.
  • Developing a website: The major task was to design a whole new website for them stuffing all the necessary contents with all the important keywords which can rank them higher on google searches.

The Challenge:

The major challenges were: –

  • Fresh Identity: We embarked on a journey to craft a fresh brand identity, infusing the Axe throwing company with renewed energy and a unique persona that sets it apart in the world of axe throwing.
  • Designing a website: Our mission was to make a new website for them and to provide an informative and inspiring platform that not only showcases their offerings but also guides visitors through an immersive axe throwing experience.
  • Strategy to engage and attract customers: We devised a comprehensive strategy to captivate and attract customers to their axe throwing extravaganza, leveraging innovative techniques to engage and foster lasting connections with thrill-seekers and enthusiasts alike.

How Dzinepixel helped?

  • Research:Our team members conducted comprehensive research on what the brand exactly is and accordingly to give the name of the brand, constantly talked to their manager to know what is essential to be included, to create a blueprint for the website’s structure and content organization.
  • Content Implementation:We prioritized implementing content by organizing the content that is required to be provided in the website information, ensuring that it was concise, relevant, and engaging.
  • Establishing the brand’s Identity: Gave a brand-new name for the axe throwing venue and designed a logo for them. Made a new website with all the necessary information required by the visitors.
  • User Experience Implemented:Technical issues were addressed through performance enhancements, particularly focusing on optimizing mobile responsiveness and resolving slow-loading elements.
  • Chatting Integration: Introduced Live Chat for Instant Visitor Interaction and Information Sharing.
  • Picturization on Website:We used top-notch pictures to grab attention, attract customers on the website and engage the customer so that they visit their venue for sure.

Value Delivered

  • The newly designed website for was a huge success that created a drastic online presence, that drives traffic.
  • Our hard work and dedication paid off, and branding a whole new brand was a successful one!

What they Achieve?

  • 60% of Engagement of people on the website
  • Improved user access
  • Mobile optimization for smooth functioning on phone
  • 70% increase in mobile users