Public Service / Casestudy

A Digital Transformation Journey to Revitalize, Engage and Connect

Redesign the website for a prestigious water corporation To enhance interactivity and engagement.


Project Objectives

“Addressing roadblocks and obstacles through determination and hard work Proving that challenges are conquerable.”

  • Redesign the website to make it more interactive and engaging.
  • Create an easy checkout page, allowing individuals to “donate” or “Volunteer”.
  • Develop a customer feedback system to understand members and volunteers’ experience.
  • Consolidate diverse organizational goals and information into a cohesive platform.
  • Improve user engagement and awareness of upcoming programs and events.


The website had critical issues, impeding its functionality and user experience.

Cluttered Interface

The cluttered contents made it a challenge for users to find the relevant information, which was hindering user engagement.

Dysfunctional scrolling bars

Dysfunctional scrolling bars disrupted website accessibility, further creating hurdles to the user journey.

Missing Contact information

The absence of contact information for the organization was creating a barrier for users trying to connect or inquire about its activities.

Addressing these issues was pivotal to improving the overall usability and effectiveness of the website, ensuring a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

How DzinePixel helped?

Research-Driven Restructuring
  • Analysed existing website structure and content.
  • Developed a new website structure based on research findings.
  • Added a feedback system for member and volunteer input.
Enhanced User Feedback
  • Designed prominent call-to-action buttons for volunteering and donating.
  • Improved mobile optimization for better user experience.
  • Added visually appealing images and useful content to increase engagement.
Added Contact Information
  • Ensured prominent display of contact information to facilitate connections.
  • Strengthened the link between contributors and the organization.
Results Achieved
  • Organic visitor rates increased by 18%.
  • Mobile optimization led to a 5% increase in website users compared to desktop users.
  • The addition of pictures and useful content boosted the number of pages viewed per session by 7-9.5%.

Value Delivered

The newly revamped website achieved organic user engagement and attracted new individuals to connect with the organization. The redesigned structure made
it easier to execute organization’s objectives and share information.