Udra is a non-profit organisation that works selflessly for human welfare, skill development, and environmental conservation. They had a simple goal: to spread joy and awareness throughout society and to serve as a link between donors and those in need of basic necessities.


Udra began in 2019 with a simple website that served only as a landing page for the organization’s name. They desired an interactive page that would encourage people of all ages to volunteer or donate in order to increase membership and drive interest in the organization’s programmes. Udra had a diverse mission that was affiliated with numerous organisations, and it was the most difficult challenge to collect all the data and bring all the information under one roof. As Udra is a continuous organisation that was engaged in whole week activities, everything had to be on the website to generate awareness among people about the organization.


  • After a vast research and data collection of the demographic and depth-analyzed interviews with the members and volunteers, our team started to pull out a blueprint of the structure of the website.
  • Udra had some missions like “Thile Dia Nathile Nia” in which the team wanted two options at the upper slide where a person could easily go and donate or volunteer with the organisation and have an easy checkout.
  • We sorted out first the content problem, as they had a lot of content that was unrequired and messy all over the website, which made the interaction of a user less interactive and more headbanging.
  • We segmented the categories of the page into small packages as it helps a user reach out for the requirements more efficiently.
  • The scrolling bars had a big issue as a user usually scrolled. They faced a lot of problems with slow loading over the sliders on the website.
  • They wanted a feedback system to know the experience of every member or volunteer, what they liked and disliked, and how they could improve their websites.
  • We realised that Udra had a weak link between its donors and the organisation as they had no contact number over the website and our team decided to prioritise it the most as it had a mission to connect as many people as it could.


  • It was a new website by the organisation, but soon after the changes, it started generating an organic response towards users and even coming into contact with new people to connect with.
  • The donation and volunteer slabs made it very simple for the organisation to carry out its mission and structure.
  • The organic bounce rate increased by 18%.
  • Due to mobile optimization, the website users surpassed the desktop version by 5%.
  • The pages per session increased by 7-9.5% due to pictures and informative content.